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Axle Repair in Northglenn and Thornton, CO

All wheeled vehicles have axles. Axles are used for steering, driving, and braking. Axles transfer power and torque from your engine to your wheels, and must be able to hold the entire weight of the vehicle, cargo, and passengers. A single pothole can be catastrophic to how your axles perform.

Some signs of axle problems include:

  • Wobbling or Vibrations when driving, braking, or turning
  • Engine runs fine, but the wheels won’t turn
  • A sudden ‘Clunking’ sound when you put the vehicle in gear

Accurate Automotive and our incredible team are here to help! With our 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty, you know we will get your vehicle repaired properly. Need to get going right away? Ask about our loaner cars.