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Exhaust / Muffler Repairs in Northglenn and Thornton

Your exhaust system and muffler are designed to improve engine performance and fuel consumption, reduce noise from the engine, and direct exhaust fumes away from the passengers in your vehicle. It is very important to maintain your exhaust system in order to prevent noxious fumes from getting inside your vehicle, which is very dangerous. The most common problem with an exhaust system is rust.

How to tell if you have an Exhaust Problem:

  • Loud Engine Noise
  • Hanging Tailpipe
  • Dents in the Catalytic Converter
  • Burning or Exhaust Smell from the Front or Inside the Vehicle
  • Strong Gas Smell Inside the Vehicle
  • Banging Sounds Coming from Under the Vehicle

Because of the danger involved with a faulty exhaust system, it is important to have any suspected problems addressed right away. At Accurate Automotive we care about your safety. Our mechanics are the best in Northglenn at diagnosing and repairing your vehicle’s exhaust system. And with our 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty, you know we will get your vehicle repaired properly.