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State Vehicle Inspections in Northglenn, CO

Emission tests are standard tests that measure exhaust emission for different types of engines and vehicles, and are required in Colorado. For 1996 or later models, the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) inspection is the most common test. Many automobiles made in 1995 or earlier don’t have an OBD system installed, so the Acceleration Simulation Mode (ASM) test is used. This test uses a dynamometer and a tailpipe sensor

Some reasons your vehicle may fail testing.

  • Excessive Hydrocarbon or Carbon Monoxide
  • A leak in the exhaust system
  • OBD emissions control components or your check engine light are malfunctioning
  • A loose gas cap can cause the test to fail
  • Emissions control equipment is missing or has been disconnected

If your vehicle fails emission testing, bring your vehicle, along with your failed emissions report to Accurate Automotive. We are conveniently located near the Northglenn Air Quality station, and our ASE certified technicians are the best in Northglenn at repairing emission systems so you won’t fail that test a second time.