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Vehicle Tune Up in Northglenn and Thornton, CO

Today, the term ‘tune up’ is a bit of a misnomer. Regular service to a vehicle’s ignition system was called ‘tuning’ because of the adjustments made to the carburetor to optimize its performance. Today’s engines have changed so dramatically from the older models, they no longer have carburetors, nor do they require new points, plugs, or distributor caps. 

This doesn’t mean that your vehicle doesn’t need regular servicing. Changing the fluids and filters, and performing regular inspections is an essential part of keeping your vehicle performing at its peak, and helps find possible problems before they become larger, more costly, repairs.

Of course, if you do drive a car old enough to require a good, old fashioned tune-up, Accurate Automotive is here to help. Our technicians are the best in Northglenn at caring for your vehicle no matter what year it was built, and can provide the service you need to keep your car safe, happy and healthy, and performing reliably. 

So call today for an appointment.